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·          Elizabeth Bogaert – Mother of All the Knickerbockers  Link

·          Origin of the Name Knickerbocker  Link

·          Original Pronunciation of Knickerbocker  Link

·          Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 1 - Van Turkeyen and Van Bommel  Link

·          Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 2 - Van Wye  Link

·          Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 3 – Van Berghen  Link 

·          Death and Burial of Harme Janse Knickerbocker  Link

·          Alexander Hamilton & The Knickerbockers Link

·          Analysis of the Kathlyne Viele Genealogy with Translations Link

·          Lawrence Knickerbocker and his Children Link

·          The Birth of Harmon’s John Link

·          Migrations of the Early Knickerbockers  Link

·          Many Benjamin Knickerbockers (Revised)  Link

·          Knickerbockers in Amenia, Dutchess, NY Link

·          Ruliff Knickerbocker of Amenia, NY Link

·          Knickerbockers of Pine Plains – John C. & Lydia Pulver Link

·          John P. Knickerbocker & Anna Couse  Link

·          John Knickerbocker & Lydia Jackson Link

·          Hugh Knickerbocker and Rachel Schram  Link

·          Frederick Knickerbocker – Son of Hugh and Rachel Schram Link

·          Knickerbockers in Smithville Flats, NY  Link

·          Knickerbocker Families of Fort Edward, NY   Link       

·          The Father of Solomon Knickerbocker (1812-92) Identified  Link


Yes – We are all related! The fun part is proving it.


A New Family Tree – A Free Tree

We have spent the last year plus connecting the inhabitants of the mid-19th century censuses and other records to our shared common ancestor, Harmen Janse “Knickerbacker” and his descendants. 150 years of bad and fraudulent genealogy have hopefully been corrected. documents the story of the Westward migration of the Knickerbockers from the lower Hudson River Valley. This genealogy is a focused version of our Ancestry research tree. Ancestry members can access our full research using the link at the top left of this screen.

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Looking Back was born in 1998. I had digitized Van Alstyne’s NYG&B “Knickerbocker Family” and a microfilmed LDS Chamberlain genealogy. I added about 30 Gedcoms provided by early collaborators. Thank you. I used Family Origins (Roots Magic’s parent) that contained an early web site builder. The original Unified Genealogy was probably one of the first private family sites on the internet.


Looking Ahead

In the future, we hope to provide a Gedcom mirroring the data in this genealogy. We will be adding direct links to many resources not available on Ancestry.


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MainSearchSurnamesDesc. Indented ChartDesc. Box ChartLocationsHarme Janse


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