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Yes – We are all related! The fun part is proving it. 


Documents and Reports


I suspect this section will have to be divided to enable logical finding aids as content is added.


·        The Many Hugh Knickerbockers – Bryan. Link

·         Knickerbocker Migrations – Chapters 1 & 2. Link

·         Hugh Knickerbocker & Rachel Schram – Bryan. Link

·         Solving the Solomon Knickerbocker (1812-92) brick wall. Howard. Link

·         Harmen Jansen’s will with English translation. Bryan. Link

·         Congregational Church Records – Salisbury, CT. Rollin H. Cooke. 91 page PDF. Link

·         Correspondence from the Holland Society including “The Knickerbockers of Upstate New York” by Chase Viele - Link 

·         Solomon Knickerbocker (1754 - aft 1820). An analysis of his census marks. Howard. Link


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Bryan Knickerbocker - mailto:bryan.m.knickerbocker@gmail.com