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Yes – We are all related! The fun part is proving it.  


May 2018

This web site was started 20 years ago to support the Knickerbocker Historical Society at Schaghticoke, NY and to provide a spot for sharing family information. The genealogy world has greatly changed from my publishing a paper family newsletter in the 90s to having massive commercial on-line sites and DNA based genealogy available today.

I have kept this site available to provide the base family genealogies and as a link to the Society. Research of a more general nature will always have a home here. Welcome Cousin.






Mug Books

I added a series of biographical profiles gleaned from County Histories or as they are more commonly known - “Mug Books”. These were a huge industry from about 1875 to 1925. There are very few other sources where a 125 year old contemporary snap shot of an ancestor and related family can be found. Link


Beware that any genealogy beyond the subject’s father is probably incorrect. The writers would grab any historical reference which were almost universally wrong.


I included a section on the Harris scythe factory in Pine Plains, NY to accompany the monograph for Jonas Knickerbocker. He was a partner in these works which included a second factory at Salisbury, CT. My GG Grandfather’s brother Milo Knickerbocker was a major presence at the Salisbury works. I haven’t untangled the links but the connection has to be more than casual.


There must be thousands of these County Histories. Please keep an eye out for more Knics that I can add to the pile.


Origins of the Family Name – A New Study

Bryan has delivered a massive three part study of the various naming patterns associated with Harmen Janse. From my view we can totally discard the conjecture of the previous 150 years. This study is ground-breaking in scope and in the discovery and presentation of new documentation.

Until now, one of the primary sources for Knickerbocker genealogists was a 1916 study by Kathlyne Viele.  I've always had a mixed view of Ms. Viele.  She did great work in debunking the false "Van Berghen" story that was invented by Joseph and John Knickerbocker and then propagated by Egbert Viele.  However, Ms. Viele replaced the earlier myths with her own "Van Wie" story, without providing any supporting evidence.

I’ve thought for many years that the immigrant was a simple farmer and the names he used were indicative of locale or vocation. This new study adds weight to that premise. Hopefully this will spark a broader discussion, and generate energy for further work on the true roots of our ancestor, Harmen Janse. 


Original  Studies


 ·        Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 1 - Van Turkeyen and Van Bommel  Link

·        Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 2 - Van Wye  Link

·         Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 3 – Van Berghen  Link 

·        Original Pronunciation of Knickerbocker  Link

·        Origin of the Name Knickerbocker  Link

·        Chester Center Cemetery – Collaboration and A Find A Grave Study  Link

·         John Knickerbocker & Lydia Jackson Link

·         Migrations of the Early Knickerbockers  Link

·         Many Benjamin Knickerbockers  Link

·         Hugh Knickerbocker and Rachel Schram  Link

·        The Father of Solomon Knickerbocker (1812-92) Identified  Link

·         Analysis of the Kathlyne Viele Genealogy with Translations Link


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