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Welcome! You have probably wondered how Knickerbocker has become such a widely recognized name and how you might be related to such a famous tribe. Every Knickerbocker is related - the name was concocted by our common 17th century immigrant ancestor, Harmen Jansen Van Whye. This presents an almost unique opportunity for a single name family society, as everyone is connected. Hi Cousin!  

This Web Site is presented in support of The Knickerbocker Historical Society - which is restoring the late 18th century Family Mansion at Schaghticoke, NY. The site was occupied by Knickerbockers for 250 years.

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DNA Genealogy

Several of us are trying to solve our Knickerbocker brick wall problems through DNA testing. We especially need male volunteers with proven pedigrees to Harmen Jansen to join in but all are welcome. Visit the Knickerbocker DNA project web site.  


  Knickerbocker Historical Society - Mansion  Restoration - Schaghticoke, NY

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 Family History and Traditions - What's this Knickerbacker stuff anyhow?


  The background image on this page represents the Historic Witenagemot Oak that stood on the Schaghticoke Mansion grounds.