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Yes – We are all related! The fun part is proving it.


March 2019

This web site was started over 20 years ago to support the Knickerbocker Historical Society at Schaghticoke, NY and to provide a spot for sharing family information. The genealogy world has greatly changed from my publishing a paper family newsletter in the 90s to having massive commercial on-line sites and DNA based genealogy available today.

I have kept this site available to provide the base family genealogies and as a link to the Schaghticoke Society. Knickerbocker Research will always have a home here. Welcome Cousin - w­­­­­e are all related.

New Study – Frederick Knickerbocker, Son of Hugh Knickerbocker and Rachel Schram

This is Bryan’s 10-page study that wraps up this family.  Frederick was a missing son who died in early adulthood at Van Buren county, Michigan. He is interred on an island in Knickerbocker Lake. Link


Don’t Give Up 

I try and go back to re-check databases occasionally as new material is always being indexed and added. Imagine my surprise when this obituary from The Connecticut Western News (Canaan, CT) dated 10 March 1898 popped up.

I searched for proof of the connection between these three brothers for over 25 years. I finally found two of them connected in an 1820 Salisbury school census – but this is much more satisfying. I will add this to my Solomon Knickerbocker1812 write-up.

Please keep looking for the missing pieces as you never know when serendipity will smile on you.


 The Last Knickerbocker

A simple mathematical progression shows that in the tenth generation of a Knickerbocker named family where a boy and a girl are born to every proceeding couple, there would be one Knickerbocker male and one un-married female – and 512 other descendants not named Knickerbocker in that tenth generation.

The present United States birth rate is less than 2 children per female so it is almost a mathematic certainty that the Knickerbocker name will eventually disappear. The Johannes (Schaghticoke) line came within one person of losing their Knickerbocker name. Most Knickerbockers alive today owe their family identity to John Knickerbocker of Salisbury, CT and his 5 prolific sons.

As we sit here at about the tenth generation of the name, it seems important to have the early family fully and correctly enumerated. This will allow the 500 non-Knickerbocker named genealogists, for each one of us named Knickermaniacs, to have a proven pedigreed path to their Knickerbocker roots. That is the purpose of our 1850 project.


Vermont – David Baker

We made another paper foray into 18th century Vermont wilderness in search of the elusive David (Knickerbocker) Baker and his purported father John. I pulled about 30 instances of John in the early Vermont papers and most seem to relate to the John who died in 1827 at Essex, VT. This is probably not the John of interest. We did discover a John and Peter Knickerbocker at Addison town in the 1780s who appear as separate from Essex John and are being investigated. Spreadsheet and mapping of VT newspaper articles on request.


Upcoming Studies 

·         Benjamin, son of Phillip Knickerbocker Jr. & Mary Snyder. This is a major addition to the “Benjamin” name study.

This – as with all the previous studies – will be used to reconstruct the early Knickerbocker family and connect it to the 1850 census.


Original Studies

Knickerbockers of Pine Plains – John C. & Lydia Pulver Link

John P. Knickerbocker & Anna Couse  Link

John Knickerbocker & Lydia Jackson Link

Hugh Knickerbocker and Rachel Schram  Link

Frederick Knickerbocker – Son of Hugh and Rachel Schram Link

Many Benjamin Knickerbockers  Link

Knickerbockers in Smithville Flats, NY  Link

Knickerbocker Families of Fort Edward, NY   Link       

Migrations of the Early Knickerbockers  Link

The Father of Solomon Knickerbocker (1812-92) Identified  Link

Analysis of the Kathlyne Viele Genealogy with Translations Link

Origin of the Name Knickerbocker  Link

Original Pronunciation of Knickerbocker  Link

Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 1 - Van Turkeyen and Van Bommel  Link

Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 2 - Van Wye  Link

Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 3 – Van Berghen  Link 

Chester (MA) Center Cemetery – Collaboration and A Find A Grave Study  Link


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