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Yes – We are all related! The fun part is proving it.


July 2019

This web site was started over 20 years ago to support the Knickerbocker Historical Society at Schaghticoke, NY and to provide a spot for sharing family information. The genealogy world has greatly changed from my publishing a paper family newsletter in the 90s to having massive commercial on-line sites and DNA based genealogy available today.

I have kept this site available to provide the base family genealogies and as a link to the Schaghticoke Society. Knickerbocker Research will always have a home here. Welcome Cousin - w­­­­­e are all related.


Revision to Last Month’s Report

Bryan has found new information in several legal notices of children being indentured in Amenia. He has added several pages and modified a line as a result. Please visit “Knickerbockers in Amenia, Dutchess Co, NY” to view the updated material.


Open Viewing of the NYG&B Newsletter

George Walker sent along this link to access the quarterly New York Researcher. There were several interesting articles. Link


The Society Needs Your Support

The Knickerbocker Historical Society is requesting donations to purchase the iconic 1805 sketch of Johannes and Elizabeth Knickerbocker. The drawing will be lost to the family if $6,000 is not raised for its purchase. This portrait belongs at the Mansion.

I never pass the hat for the Society or but this time I am asking - as the greater family really owes this one to Stana’s memory and everything KHS has accomplished.

Link to Go Fund Me or send a check (noting that it is for the portrait) to KHS.

Thank you, Howard 


Knickerbockers of Central New York

This is the link to Bryan’s Ancestry web site where most of his research eventually appears. Link 


Original Studies

Knickerbockers in Amenia, Dutchess Co, NY Link

Ruliff Knickerbocker of Amenia, NY Link

Alexander Hamilton & The Knickerbockers Link

Knickerbockers of Pine Plains – John C. & Lydia Pulver Link

John P. Knickerbocker & Anna Couse  Link

John Knickerbocker & Lydia Jackson Link

Hugh Knickerbocker and Rachel Schram  Link

Frederick Knickerbocker – Son of Hugh and Rachel Schram Link

Many Benjamin Knickerbockers  Link

Knickerbockers in Smithville Flats, NY  Link

Knickerbocker Families of Fort Edward, NY   Link       

Migrations of the Early Knickerbockers  Link

The Father of Solomon Knickerbocker (1812-92) Identified  Link

Analysis of the Kathlyne Viele Genealogy with Translations Link

Origin of the Name Knickerbocker  Link

Original Pronunciation of Knickerbocker  Link

Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 1 - Van Turkeyen and Van Bommel  Link

Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 2 - Van Wye  Link

Many Names of Harmen Janse – Part 3 – Van Berghen  Link 

Chester (MA) Center Cemetery – Collaboration and A Find A Grave Study  Link


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