November 2017

Late Breaking - Nov 6th

Bryan just delivered his 57 page analysis of the Kathlyne Viele genealogy. He has learned the early Dutch language and provides translations of some key documents. His take on the early ďgenealogistsĒ at the mansion will amuse. Do not delay. Link

Comments Ė Databases and the 1850 Genealogy:

For 25 years Iíve envisioned a co-operative family genealogy that would encompass the entire Knick family and would be shared across all the contributorís computers thus ensuring a huge backup of the data and perpetual care as newcomers joined the circle and provide new inputs. I found out early on that one person cannot do everything required.

My software / system wish list would include a full strength local database program which connects to a synchronized remote shared data base where all participants would both upload their unique local data and receive back data added by others - in a transparent exchange.

Also - source documentation acquisition would be very flexible and sources could also be accessed by hyperlink. Also Ė multiple automatic data backups in case of database corruption. Also Ė conversion to intermediate programs such as GEDCOM to force functions or data transfer is never required.

The new database will initially be a new 1850 based analysis to connect all the Heads in that census year to the immigrant ancestor. Post 1850 documentation multiplies by ten or 100 fold and genealogies are quite easy to construct coming back to the present. The brick walls start appearing with the heads in the 1850 census.

Iíve been waiting for the new Family Tree Maker 2017 to shake a few of the bugs out. That and Roots Magic 7  can now both download and upload data from an Ancestry tree in a seamless manner. Anyone can be given Ancestry editing privileges and start contributing. This is the first time that sophisticated collaboration has been even remotely possible.

There are enough differences between the two programs that there will be problems to overcome. I just purchased the new FTM at 80 bucks. It is cheaper if you use a previous version and qualify for an upgrade. This is a huge experiment and the test might not work out.

Iíve held off pushing the new genealogy until we had a common horse to ride. Iíll now finish entering the 1850 data. Iíll put together a short list of basic formats and abbreviations so all the databases are compatible from the start. 



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