May 2017

This web site was started over 20 years ago to support the Knickerbocker Historical Society at Schaghticoke, NY and to provide a spot for sharing family information. The genealogy world has greatly changed from my publishing a paper family newsletter in the 90s to having massive commercial on-line sites and DNA based genealogy available today.

I have kept this site available to provide the base family genealogies and as a link to the Society. I have collected much family information that I will be adding here. I have started a new family wide genealogy based on every Knickerbocker family in the 1850 census. We have always felt that this is the key to unlocking the family and breaking down the many brick walls. I welcome contributions of proven and source documented lines to add to this new genealogy. Research of a more general nature will always have a home here.

I’ve been very impressed with Bryan Knickerbocker’s research and writing. In a weak moment he has agreed to be co-editor and anything else I can dump on him.

A focused site such as this has more value than ever as information added to the many commercial super sites is lost in the noise - and the errors circulate forever. Welcome Cousin – all Knickerbockers are related.

News & Site Updates:

·        Stana Iseman was the spark plug of all my connections with the mansion. A super, dedicated lady who is greatly missed. Obit

·        I’ve added some early video and audio recordings from the mansion. Link

·        I finally solved my “Solomon Search” brick wall of these many years at Salisbury, CT. Details

·         “The History of New York” – Washington Irving – Volume 1Volume 2

·        Bryan is in the early stages of producing maps for the early family migrations. A powerful visual aid. Link