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        First Reunion at Schaghticoke - 1996. I turned my son Brian loose with a video camera. 12 minutes MP4. (170 MB) The Result

        Leslie (Hemstreet) Allen - tour of the Mansion - 1997. The Mansion before restoration. 30 minutes MP4. (340 MB) The Tour

        Interview with Stana on Vimeo Colonie Library 32 minutes - Link

        Re-enactors at the mansion You Tube 55 seconds - Link


Audio Archive

In May 1997 I had an hour and a half conversation with Stana to gather background information for the newsletter. I used an analog Sony micro cassette recorder to back up my note taking. We covered how the Isemans became involved with the Society, family history, funding and a host of other subjects. 20 years later the recordings are far more important than anything I could have written. We were outdoors so there is occasional wind noise. At the end of the second tape we go into the mansion and discuss ongoing projects.

        Stana interview with Howard #1 62 minutes MP3 Link

        Stana interview with Howard #2 25 minutes MP3 - Link